The Importance of Agriculture

For generations, at an early age, our family was taught about the importance of agriculture. All the kids from the previous generations of the Thatcher family farms have helped out with various aspects of farming. From getting up early to milk the cows to tending to the crops to selling products at the farmers market, our family has been involved in all phases of the industry.

Working on the family farm has given us evidence why farming and agriculture is very important. While originally our family was started to provide food and other products mainly for our family, it has grown to producing items for the community. This makes us an important part of making sure that consumers have healthy products to consume. We have taken measures to ensure that our farm produces the best quality food items as possible, so that we can pass it along to you!

Our family has been involved with agriculture for over ninety years, and we know why it is important. But why is it important to you? Or more importantly, why should it be important for you? Agriculture has been studied and improved on for centuries. We use agriculture in our daily lives to grow the food that you eat, and to raise the animals and products that you also eat. Without agriculture in our daily lives you run the risk of not having a healthy and balanced diet.

In our studies what impacts agriculture, we have determined that several factors contribute to being successful. They include natural factors such as the climate, topography and the soil used to grow crops. Another big impact on agriculture are economic factors. Some of the economic factors include the market for the products, the cost of transportation, the capital needed to run the business and the labor costs of running the business. Other factors include social and political factors. They are generally outside of the farms control, but nonetheless has an effect on agriculture.

So, the next time you get vegetables or farm made products at your local store, think about the importance of agriculture in our everyday life!