Cakes by Joy San Gabriel

Joy San Gabriel is a pastry chef having completed the baking and pastry course from California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, California,USA. Even before her formal schooling, she found her calling in 1997 when she baked and created her first wedding cake for a friend. Since then, Joy had the honor of being a part of over a hundred celebrations be it weddings, debuts and birthdays as the cake maker of choice. Today, her passion lies in walking brides to be, debutantes and birthday celebrants through their ideas, apprehension and budget to make their dream cake a reality. In every step, she provides her insight on how to make the most practical and visually appealing cake at a price that makes everybody truly enjoy the celebration. Needless to say, the cake will not be a cake without the magic my kitchen helpers and she weaves to bring out the most unforgettable taste in every slice of cake.


“I inquired from her thru text and she was very accommodating. I met her sa Wedding Expo and I really like the taste of her cake samples dun.” — Janine

“Sobrang sarap ng cakes nya flexible at madaling kausap sobrang ang ganda nung mga mini cakes namin!” — Abby

“The best cake we’ve ever tasted!!! The kilaueia cake we had was super good! Guests were also able to take home her delicious
cakes since ito na yung naging give-away namin. ” — Eileen

“everybody was raving about hour our mini cakes tastes. not to soft, not to sweet. just right. even my friends and Russell’s relatives who are very particular with food and dessert were impressed.” — Thet

Here are some cakes by Joy San Gabriel:


Contact Person: Joy San Gabriel-Young
Address: 20 Bayani Street, Galas, Quezon City
Telephone: 743.9306 / 0917 5278837


  1. Hi there…can i get the price listing of mini cakes as a wedding souvenirs for our guests (min. 150 persons).

    Thank you so much!

  2. Cristina Nazarro says:

    Neneng’s church is very nice

  3. Ruby Gravan says:


    Just want to know if you do prepare photo cake.

    So elegant your cakes….


  4. hi. please send me pics and price lists of your cakes. Also how long should i pre-order the cakes. (wedding)


  5. pls send me quotation on 100 mini cakes (beautifully boxed) with one cake for cutting in two tones. your quick reply is very much appreciated.

  6. Hi
    Can you send me pictures of cakes possible for debuts preferrably mini cakes as well as the price for my daughter’s debut


  7. wonderful!

    can you send me pictures cakes for the wedding and the price of it.


  8. This is very useful. Wish I stumbled your site before. Thanks a lot for this valuable information.


  9. Hmmmm, that’s another way of looking at it. Great views.


  10. sunshine enriquez says:

    Hello, i like the mini cakes.My wedding is on Feb 16, 2009 and still looking for my wedding cake.please send me your pricelists and some pictures please.

  11. hello, i’m canvassing for some wedding cakes, can you please send me your pricelist? thanks…

  12. wowwwwww! I love your blog!
    Can I also have samples of your wedding cake and mini cakes as souvenirs? Pls include price list.
    Thanks thanks!
    Your blog made my made! ;)

  13. do you make also “monogram cake topper” covered with swarovski cyrstals? how much? if you have different sizes, please send me together with the pictures of the monogram. thanks!

  14. angelica says:

    hello! I’m canvassing on debut cakes, can you please send me your pricelist? thanks…:)

  15. maricel cabacis says:

    hello Ms. Joy. Can you please send me pics and price lists of your cakes and toppers. Also how long should i pre-order the cakes for ou wedding.

    thank you

  16. cherry lou says:

    hi miss joy. do you teach on how to make 3d fondant figures? thanks.

  17. Aileen O. Morillo says:

    ms. joy, can u send us pricelist of ur wedding mini cakes in layers? Thanks

  18. Ana Pinlac says:

    How much is your two layer fondant cake with the bride and groom caricature on top of the cake?

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