Contemporary Filipiniana Wedding Theme

The news that Korina Sanchez will have a contemporary Filipiniana themed wedding will surely spark renewed interest on this wedding theme. As we all know, it can as grandiose or as simple as the budget can hold. But what exactly constitutes a Filipiniana Wedding in the 21st century? For sure, it doesn’t need to look like a 19th century affair.

Here’s what we gathered about this classic theme.

The Gown

It is normal that the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear
Filipiniana is a bride in Maria Clara gown. But there’s a lot of choices
when it comes to the gown though the most common choice for the fabric is Pina and jusi. Shai Delacroix of Casa Del Shai has made a fantastic collection that embodies traditional Filipino style with old-world elegance and flair.

Note: this designs are only available in Second Life

The Filipiniana Ternos by shai delacroix
Note: this designs are only available in Second Life

The groom, too has a lot of choices for the design and material for the traditional Barong just don’t overdo it by using barong with prints of
colored trees and houses.

Filipiniana Reception

It is said that the original wedding reception for Mar and Korina Wedding features wooden arches, capiz lanterns from Quiapo, mirrors from Apalit, Pampanga and light-colored ribbons that rippled across the fan themed stage. It would have been a sight to behold had the reception pushed through but from the description of the reception by Gino Gonzales in the interview with, we can have an idea on how to create a Filipiniana themed reception. Basically, this theme is dominated by “white-and-wood”.

Here are some things that you may consider having in the reception.

  • Glass Vases
  • Capiz Shell Lamps and lanterns
  • Rosal and Sampaguita flowers
  • Candles
  • Venetian mirrors
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Silverwares


Filipiniana Wedding Favors

There is virtually tons of choices for wedding favors suitable for this theme. Just visit Ilaya district in Divisoria and in Quiapo and you’ll be surprised with the quality of handicrafts and their dirt cheap price. The following are the common Filipiniana themed wedding favors. Favorites include Traditional Mini Bags (made by Palm leaves, jute or sinamay) and fans made of palm leaf. Partner these with other materials and before you know it, you have a unique wedding favors.


A normal choice includes using handmade papers based from abaca and other indigenous materials. However, wedding invites printed with Filipiniana images makes the invite more modern and appealing and yet stays true to the theme.


Bridal Car

A traditional Calesa would be nice but the horse-drawn bridal carriage would be a great. However, a vintage Caddilac can bring you to places in style.

As we have said, a Filipiniana theme can be as grandiose or as simple
depending on the budget. In that note, we suggest couples planning for their wedding to consult their wedding planner. And though brides usually calls the shots for this special occation, we highly recommend to consult the husband too in all decisions.

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  1. Those fans are gorgeous.

  2. sonja fajardo says:

    hi! i like the wedding invitation in your site..san ninyo po nkuha yan wedding invite na yan?please email me po lapit na ksal ko..thanx..

  3. i like the sample invitation pretty cool..

  4. Uuuh really great man….Wat ideas have struck your mind while making these mind blowing invitations!!!

  5. armi rose lontok says:

    wheren can i rent a horse-drawn bridal carriage? please email me at armirose_lontok[at]yahoo[dot]com

  6. bakit po may venetian mirrors?

  7. can anyone help me where to rent a horse carriage in philippines esp manila which looks like in a cinderella story ?thanks

  8. zeeramareez says:


    where can i buy moroccan lamps/lanterns in divisoria? i want a DIY reception styling to save money…

    your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


  9. gemavic mina says:

    i like the green gown. do you have size 14 of that or xl ? and how much. and I need a gown also for my daughter. can you show me pictures please. we need it by first week of december


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