Learn About Farming

As a child, I learned about farming from the best teacher around – my dad! And my dad had his knowledge of farming passed down from another great teacher – his father! For many of us in the farming business have learned from other family members. My brother and I have been fortunate to have our family own the same farm for a few generations, and during that time knowledge has been passed along the line.

But not everyone has a family in the farming or agriculture business. For most people, the only thing they know about farming and agriculture is what they read or hear in the news, or from entertainment programs on television or in the movies. Unfortunately, getting information from these sources will only give you a fixed look at the business. In a perfect world, you would have a professional farmer provide you with knowledge that they have acquired. Since that is not possible, we will do the next best thing. Provide you with some informative websites that talk about farming. We hope these pages will provide you with information on the subject that you find useful.

  • Planning a New Farm – helpful web page and web site that talks about what goes into starting a new farm.
  • Farming Basics -page which covers a wide range of information on a number of farm related topics.
  • Starting a Small Farm Business – information on what is involved in starting a smaller scale farming business.
  • Farmer Resources – useful page from the USDA which provides resources for small and mid-size farms.
  • Center for Environmental Farming – this web site provides information on how farmers can utilize environmentally friendly methods in their work, like Thatcher Farms!

Also, since Thatcher Farms has had a history of educating the next generation about farming and agriculture, here are some kid friendly sites to browse: