About the Thatcher Family

In 1930, the United States and the whole world, were in the middle of the Great Depression. Millions of people were out of work, jobs were scarce, the stock market crashed, and the banking system was in ruins with thousands of banks having to close because they ran out of money. It was a very tough time for people, and because of desperation, Frank Thatcher had an idea.

His idea involved food. He realized that even though we were in the midst of a Depression, people still needed to eat. So, Frank, his wife Ida and their three kids bought a small farm. It was a big gamble using all the money they had saved on something they were not sure would work out. What Frank and Ida lacked in knowledge, they made up for in enthusiasm. The small farm was turned into a dairy farm with cows providing milk, cheese, and other dairy products. We also had a chicken coop which provided the family with eggs to eat and use. What we didn’t use, we went into town to sellto the local mercantile. While we were not rich by any measure, we were happy and had enough food to provide our family.

Over the next few generations, the farm has stayed in our family, with the next generation taking care of the business. My father George decided to retire five years ago and after considering selling the farm, decided to keep it in the family by having my brother Chris and I run the farm together. While Chris and I are the only kids that my mom and dad had, we have not always seen eye to eye. Being the older child, I usually kept an eye out for Chris and was happy to keep him in line. This is still the case today!

So, our families are keeping the tradition of running the Thatcher Family Farm. We have kept all of the charm of the past, while bringing it up to date with the concerns of today and the future.

Chris and his family, as well as my family are glad to meet you.

Chris Thatcher, Morgan Thatcher, Graham Thatcher and Lisa Thatcher

Megan (Thatcher) Morris, Andy Morris, and Will Morris