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If you see a bridal staging surrounded by horsetails, you’re definitely seeing a wedding by Pido. Indoor Gardens by Pido specializes in indoor gardens or what he prefers to describe as “bringing the ambiance to your venue” or “bringing the garden to your indoor venue.” He allows couples to experience the comfort of a hotel ballroom or an air-conditioned tent while enjoying the natural feel of an outdoor wedding.

It all started when he bought several pots of horsetails and decided to grow them. Instead of growing nicely, the plants swayed, split-ended, and sprouted in different directions, ‘like hair that was not combed for three weeks,’ he says. But he saw beauty in these ‘uncontrollable’ plants and decided to bring several pots to decorate a friend’s birthday party. And to make a long story short, Pido decided to bank on the plant’s powerful appeal and started campaigning for Indoor Gardens.

Pido believes that the possibilities in design are endless and limited only by your hesitation in trying something that hasn’t been done before. He works on the couple’s fantasy and makes it come to life. He is also known for pushing boundaries when it comes to design principles and to prove that, his fantasy wedding list includes Enchanted Rainforest, Winter, and Modern Zen.

He doesn’t mind installing a huge golden gate at the entrance or a bridge guests can walk over beside a waterfall. For him, the venue is like a theater with the bride and groom as the lead characters. He brings in fabrics in different hues to soften and add color to the ceiling; lanterns and candles for a romantic mood; lighting direction to make sure spotlights accentuate key areas; and flowers combined with interesting foliage to create a mini-landscape on the guest tables.

What inspires him? Las Vegas hotels! “They can run a full roller coaster ride inside a hotel lobby and show galleons with pirates battling and sinking only to battle and sink again after a few hours.”

Pido dazzles, mesmerizes, enchants, and makes you fall in love all over again in fabulous garden designs as the only event stylist in the Philippines that recreates nature in romanticized indoor settings.

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“He was a genius. The set up was very unique. He used black linen for the tables, topped with burgundy fabric. I didn’t think it would work, but it did! The whole set-up looked so elegant. He used minimal flowers (because of ourbudget), but every time he would use them, lumalabas talaga ang ganda. That brings me to my next point. We love Pido because as prominent as he is, he was humble enough to work around our budget. ” Norman & Vanessa

“Pido is one of our favorite suppliers. We just love how he transformed our reception” Howell & Abie

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