History of the Farm

The Thatcher Family Farms is just that, a family affair. The history of the farm dates back to 1930, when Frank and Ida Thatcher decided to take over a small farm and leave behind the problems of the day. The idea was to create a self-sufficient farm where they could grow crops and raise animals to provide milk and food.

The newly created farm had some rough patches during the early years with a few seasons with drought conditions and storms creating problems for the farm. But despite a few bumps in the road, Frank, Ida, and family worked hard to make the farm a success. In fact, during World War II, the Thatcher Farm provided provisions to the military, which was a small way to help with the war effort.

In 1955, Frank and Ida decided to retire from farming and turn the day to day operations of the farm to their oldest son, Henry. Henry was a soldier during the war and when he returned from the war, he married Christine. Since Henry had helped on the farm since he was little, he was the natural choice to keep the farm going. And keep it going he did for nearly thirty years.

Henry and Christine had two girls and a boy. In 1982, Henry and Christine wanted to move to Florida and enjoy retirement, so they passed the running of the farm to son George. A few years later, George married Erin and together they worked the farm, and had two kids, Chris, and Megan.

George and Erin ran the Thatcher Farms until 2008 when physical limitations forced George into a difficult decision – sell the farm. After family discussions, the kids talked him into not selling the farm. Instead, Chris and Megan took over the day to day operations of Thatcher Farms.

Over the course of its history, the farm has evolved into more than just a farm. It has added a farm stand, participates in regional farmers markets, and has even added a corn maze during the fall. In addition, the farm is now less dependent on natural resources and has become one of the most ecologically friendly farms in the area. The future of the farm is as bright as always!