How to Choose your Wedding Motif

There is always that feeling of joy and anticipation in choosing a wedding motif. The theme you pick might just be the element that can help determine other decisions you have to make on your special day. The flowers, favors, food, music, venue, cake, gown, gifts, and everything else can depend on your overall wedding theme; and will make choosing a whole lot easier for you.

Picking the perfect motif for your wedding should be fun. It can also be a good activity for you and your partner. Wedding guests are most entertained and delighted to share with you the joy of your wedding day in the most heartwarming and comfortable atmosphere.

Choosing the motif to serve all these doesn’t need to be excessive or intricate. You only need to be a little creative and spontaneous. Follow these tips.

1. Pick a culture. Find a place anywhere in the world and look for pieces and colors that can be brought up to fit your wedding theme.

2. Pick a period. Just decide between past, present, or future. Periods in the past may include medieval, Victorian, or even the Stone Age, if you wish. Futuristic themes may involve the use of a lot of lights and metals. As for the present, just stick with what you’ve got. To avoid making the whole festivity seem like a carnival, arrange the items in accents and avoid exaggeration.

3. Pick a place. This can be the one determining factor that makes your wedding unique. You can choose anywhere from the top of a mountain, a beach, a garden, or a yacht. Just be sure that it matches the culture and period you chose to create an enthralling aura.

4. Pick a personality. This is best selected with your partner. Think of activities and traits that both of you are compatible and find memorable. You may also consider places where you first met or got engaged. You may choose a fairy tale theme, diving adventure, or an animal-filled environment. Your wedding guests are more likely to get interested with the idea behind the theme and drool over your love story. The idea here is not formality, but sentimentality.

5. Pick a season. Choose a season to help you decide on the colors that you’re going to use in your overall theme. Autumn and summer would be best represented by earth or golden tones. Winter provides a more classy and elegant appearance in white or silvery blue, while spring can be enchanting with its shades of green and lots of flowers and happy tunes.

6. Pick a time. Decide whether you want to hold the affair at dawn, in the morning, noon, afternoon, or late in the evening. This will further provide your wedding celebration with the final touch it needs to set it in a more romantic and fun-filled mood. Some colors and themes work best in the evening, so choose those that best amplify the other details you previously selected.

Here are some samples of nice wedding motif:

Bridal Shower Favors

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