M&M’s Personalized Candy Wedding Favors

Personalized M&M’S® Wedding Favors - $15 off offer

Here’s one of the new types of wedding favors that your wedding guests will surely love. Mars Direct has introduced the Personalized M&M’S® Milk Chocolate Candies suited for weddings.

When we say personalized, you can have your face printed on that sugar coated chocolate candy that “melts in your mouth and not on your hands“. In addition, you have choose the perfect colors to match your wedding theme. And with 25 colors to choose from, there’s plenty of colors to choose from. You can also put a short text or opt for a combination of message and picture.

Personalized M&M’S® Wedding Favors - $15 off offer

Personalized M&M’S® Wedding Favors - $15 off offer

And to add personal touch to that extra-special favor, you can package the M&M’s in different ways. From the elegant but more expensive Mini Glass Box kit to the affordable Silver Tin to the all familiar Gift Bag with Ribbon.

Personalized M&M’S® Wedding Favors - $15 off offer

Unfortunately, we do not recommended to bring it to the Philippines. But for those who are going to have their wedding in United States and Canada, it’s a great choice for the wedding favor. Mars Direct utilizes Fedex overnight delivery on summer months while for the rest of the year, Fedex 2nd day air and “Rush Delivery” to ensure that the orders experience only a very short duration in uncontrolled environments.

Personalized M&M’S® Wedding Favors - $15 off offer

If you insists on bringing it to the Philippines, you may check with their curtomer service by calling 1.888.696.6788. Or maybe, you can have it sent to your relatives in the states and send it through FedEx in Manila. Mars Direct claims that they send the candies in a insulated packing liners which has cold gel packs to make sure that the order does not melt. But of course, there’s a risk there. If something goes wrong, your M&M’s may not melt on your mouth but rather in the box.

Personalized MY M&M'S® Candies.


  1. nice info…thanks my friends…keep update

  2. Pauline Dela Cruz-Torralba says:

    I got married last July 2008 and got this for my wedding favors. I ordered tin cans from Printed Matter for the packaging and everyone loved it! this is a great favor idea :)

  3. Pauline Dela Cruz-Torralba says:

    by the way, I got married here in the Philippines. These were ordered by my aunt in the U.S and she brought them with her when she flew in for the wedding. The chocolates didnt melt so no problem :) If it’s going to be brought by someone travelling to the P.I. this will stand the travel from U.S. but if thru cargo, i’m not quite sure.

  4. wow this is cool! love it!

  5. Wow!It;s awesome!

  6. hi. could you please send me a quotation… this would be perfect for our wedding! my email mjlfranc[at]yahoo[dot]comjavascript: hideMsgBox();

  7. wowwwwwwwww i lab it!!!!!!

  8. hi can you send me a quotation please?! Thanks! baetlog[at]gmail[dot]com

  9. Pauline Torralba says:

    Hi, i cant remember how much it cost but just visit http://www.mymms.com/ for the pricing.

  10. Pauline Torralba says:

    Hi, i cant remember how much it cost but just visit http://www.mymms.com/ for the pricing.

  11. It makes perfect sense to please your guests by giving them suitable wedding favors.Giving guests personalized favors is a good way of showing your utmost gratitude and that favor is such a great idea!

  12. Hi,

    I tried ordering at the MMs website and they’ve got the 5lb and 10lb options for bulk orders (customised printing). What do you guys recommend for around 10-15 party favors in small tin cans/boxes? Will they fit the 5lb? Not really sure about how many will fit the 5lb. Thanks!

    Much love,


  13. good day quotation please? good for wedding giveaway, thanks

  14. Rhein Ella says:

    Hi Pa quote please, Plain Black and White m&m’s and customized with names or initials.

    Your prompt response will be appreciated.

  15. hi! I would like to inquire. Grey and pink color with pictures and messages. How much if it will come in a thin box? Thank u!

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