Paul Vincent Photography

Paul Vincent Photography is being run by two persons only. Paul (photographer) and his wife (RN, graphic artist). That is why as of now they are not able to join bridal fairs for they don’t have the manpower to do so. When they say personal service, it is exactly what it means. From start to finish Tonski is the only one you’re gonna talk too. No secretaries, no representatives. Their rates are very reasonable for the high quality they give. It is up to you our soon to be friends, to enjoy and experience the quality and service they offer. His shooting style is of fashion, glam and candids/photojourn. He personally directs and take pictures. As much as possible Paul tries to make each wedding shoot to have a new look. As much as he can he doensn’t repeat poses. Of course this will happen with the help of the subjects (the groom, bride, guests) As long as you are game and the guests are game, together you will produce unique images.

Here are some great photos taken by Paul Vincent:


Address: 24 Robina St. Brgy Bungad SFDM QC
Tel. Nos.: 410.5126; 0928.5006912

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