Saint Peter the Apostle Parish

photo by folrana

Established: August 25, 1986
District: Manila
Vicariate: San Fernando de Dilao
Vicar Forane: Fr. Emmanuel S. Regalado, LRMS
Feastday: Last Sunday of June
Titular: Saint Peter the Apostle
Immediate Preceding Pastor:
Msgr. Francis T.P. Chin, 1980-2004

I didn’t have any headaches dealing with our church of choice. I thought of other more grandiose churches in Malate/Intramuros
area, but in the end Benedict and I still decided we would go for St.Peter. 1st, this church is included in our love story – this is
where he first laid eyes on me. Hehe. 2nd, it has airconditioning. 3rd, we can use it for 1.5hrs. 4th, the interiors are just magnificent. 4th, it is much more affordable than the others. 5th, we know the parish priest so it will be much easier to deal with them. The only thing that prevents me from giving it a 5+++ rating is the short aisle. This is a pretty small church with only 11 pews if I remember right. But still! Super ganda dito. For couples wanting to get married in Manila, check this out!” Benedict & Jennie

“the church is not too big nor too small enough for all the guests walang outsiders ksi and the good part is AIR-CON as in malamig
talaga, no need to set up the church kasi maganda na talga with the church flowers,to summarize: it was an intimate and elegant ceremony” Dondi & Angel

by dino lara


Saint Peter the Apostle Parish
Address: 1260 Pres. Quirino Ave. , Paco, Manila
Tel: 564.6470; 564.4123
Mobile: 0920.9115418


  1. i was supposed to get married in this church. problem is, we had to change the date and time of the wedding from 1pm sept21 to 9am sept28. unfortunately, this church does not receive bookings of marriages on sunday mornings because they celebrate mass.

  2. would anyone know the current rate for this church? this looks soo romantic!

  3. wedding march-may 2009 for how much

  4. babycakes says:

    does anyone have an idea about the rates for next december?

  5. St peter chruchin commonwealth is near by us for are wedding. Can you give me the quatation for this church???

  6. how much would be the package for march 2010 wedding… what are the inclusion?… can the priest i know preside the wedding?

  7. This church looks perfect! Can we please get a package quotation for a July 2010 wedding? Thanks very much!

  8. Hi!
    Can you please send me the pachage quotation for april 2010?thanks so much

  9. Good day! I just want to inquire about your wedding package rate. What are the requirements?
    The wedding is either on June 2010 or October 2010.thanks!

  10. Hi,can you pls tell me what is the rate and the inclusions? what are the requirements? what we’re going to do since both of us are in abroad and how can we meet the requirements for a short period of time that we are there.


  11. hi, planning a wedding for the 2nd of january and we’re still looking for a church. can you tell me how much it’ll cost to do it in this church? thank you.

  12. I’ve been there before, ‘have attended my friends’ wedding. It was very nice…can you pls tell me what is the package rate? what are the requirements? we’re both working abroad and planning to get married on june 2010

  13. there is only one package in the church, 20K, but it covers everything from flower arrangements to carpet, soloist, choir and is fully airconditioned.

  14. seems perfect place!! can i ask the wedding package quotation for october 2010? and the requirements please… thanks

  15. Not recommended. a lot of things happened. ruined everything for me.

  16. can u pls email rates for wedding!!thanks!!

  17. I agree nagandahan din kami dito when we were looking for a church for our wedding. 20k yung package included na lahat aircon, physical arrangement like flowers, carpet, choir, priest etc. Mejo strict lang, ang daming rules plus ang daming additional fees for additional requests.

  18. Bhiegirl says:

    Please can anyone tell me where is this church exactly located along @ Pres/ Quirino?

  19. Note: don’t let the aircon units fool you. I just came from a wedding there and it was so hot. I think they only set the aircon units to Fan mode instead of Cool mode.

  20. Please send us your wedding rates for May 2014. Thanks!

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