Ilustrado Restaurant & Catering


Ilustrado, the name, refers to the educated, well-travelled Filipinos from the “enlightened” elite class during the Spanish era. Today, Ilustrado, the restaurant, caters to clientele of enlightened tastes. Clients whose palates are conversant in savoring the exotic, cosmopolitan and neo-classic flavors of international and Filipino cuisine. For over 19 years, it has established a name for itself as a fine dining restaurant and favorite wedding venue. It has hosted visiting heads of state such as King and Queen of Spain, President of Peru, President of Czeckoslovakia, King and Queen of Malaysia, Princess of Thailand, a Miss Universe, performing artists and celebrities, and a cardinal’s silver jubilee celebration with over a thousand guests!

Patio Victoria – Intramuros Garden Venue


Patio Victoria, located in Intramuros Manila has an Old World charm that can be found only within what was known during the Spanish Occupation of the Philippines as the “Walled City”. Cobblestones walkways, an antique wooden gate, lush foliage and an old fashioned fountain are only some of the features that make the place perfect […]

Father Blanco’s Garden

The garden was originally built by Father Manuel Blanco, an Agustinian Friar, who is also considered as the Father of Philippine Botany. Father Blanco was the first person to have published a complete guide to Philippine flora and Fauna through his book Flora de Filipinas. Unfortunately, the garden was not spared of the World War […]

San Agustin Church


One of the immensely popular wedding churches in Manila, San Agustin Church is also one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Built built between 1587 and 1606, it is the only building left intact after the destruction of Intramuros during the Battle of Manila (1945). The present structure is actually the third to stand […]